6 Best Jobs for Animal Lovers

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Your love for animals can go beyond forming special bonds with furry friends and getting a companion that gives you happiness. It can also lead you to a fulfilling job and career overall. That job pays you to be surrounded by animals. That’s quite the combination of perks for any pet lover. Best Jobs for Animal Lovers is probably something you’d want to explore, either immediately or in the near future.

Does all this sound appeal to you? Then you might want to consider changing to a whole career, not just a current job. For something with a fondness for animals can readily pursue. If you’re interested in shifting to a pet-related job, take a look at our list below:

6 Best Jobs for Animal Lovers

This is not a huge, endless list of jobs for animal lovers. This is short and sweet, just the best o the best, basically, everyone can start doing it without major investment – most of them :). Let’s go through them one by one.

  1. Pet Merchandise Entrepreneur

best jobs for animal lovers

In case you can source enough capital, you can start being a pet merchandise entrepreneur by opening your very own store. You can establish an all-in-one supplies store, where fellow animal lovers can buy all their pet-related needs. Alternatively, even if you don’t have a bigger capital background, you can sell one or two products only at the beginning, perhaps through an online platform, Shopify for example. Then, you can start offering more products once the business takes off.

You can, for example, be a seller of PrideBites custom martingale collars, which are often in demand due to their customizable design, excellent fit, and non-slip features. You can also focus on different kinds of pet food (Best dog food for Pitbulls) or maybe even fun-looking toys for dogs and cats alike.

  1. Pet Photographer

Jobs for animal lovers - pet photographer

Also, being a pet photographer is one of the great job idea for animal lovers. As the name suggests, someone who takes pictures of somebody else’s pets for keepsakes or special occasions. If you don’t have any prior photography experience, you’ll first need to sign up for photography classes and invest in a camera and its necessary accessories.

You’ll also want to create a visually appealing online portfolio so that potential clients can easily search for you online. This is a must if your idea is real, scaling business. Don’t have any pet photography clients yet? No worries. You can start building up your portfolio by taking pictures of your very own pets, or even those of your friends and family. Just need to start somewhere, everything else will just follow.

  1. Pet Sitter

Dream Jobs for Animal Lovers - pet sitter

Let’s continue with our Good Jobs for Animal Lovers list with number 3.

If you’re a pet lover, it stands to reason that you know your way around pets and that you can take care of someone else’s. Should this sound appealing to you, you may want to consider becoming a pet sitter.

Essentially, pet sitters are paid to look after pet owners’ animal companions when the former is away from home due to business or personal reasons. At a minimum, you’ll be tasked with keeping your clients’ pets company. Of course, you’ll likely also have to feed them, give them their medicine (if necessary), groom them, play with them, and take them on a walk. Sometimes, you may have to take the animals to the vet in case they have a scheduled visit during the time their owners are away. But like an animal lover, this is something you like to do, right?

  1. Pet Walker

Great jobs for Animal lovers - dog walker

Pet walkers may sound the same as pet sitters, at first glance. However, the main difference is that they’re paid to do just one thing: to walk people’s pets outside. Dog owners, in particular, are the main clients of pet walkers, as walking is an excellent and enjoyable exercise for canines.

Don’t think for a second, though, that dog or pet walking is easy. You’ll need to be extremely organized, for one. Additionally, you must make sure that the animals placed under your care are always safe and accounted for. And also, here is a bonus. You can optimize your time, to take a walk with 2 or 3 pets at the same time. But don’t go to far with this number. As we already said – safety first.

  1. Pet Groomer

Jobs for animal lovers - Dog Groomer

Grooming is a crucial component of pet care, which means pet groomers will always be in demand. Generally, pet groomers bathe people’s pets as well as clip their nails, brush their teeth, and trim their coats, among many other things.

While pet groomers typically work at animal clinics or pet salons, you can also establish your own pet grooming shop in your place of residence. Wherever you decide to start your pet grooming business, keep in mind that pet grooming is a very hands-on task that takes tremendous skill. That said, you may want to get lessons from experienced pet groomers first.

  1. Veterinary Assistant

best jobs for animal lovers - veterinary assistant

Last but not least one of our job ideas for animal lovers is not self-business or side income. It’s a job. But fulfilling job if you’re animal lover.

Veterinarians, like doctors, need a helping hand while taking care of patients in their clinic. That’s exactly what a veterinary assistant is trained to do.

Some of a veterinary assistant’s tasks include cleaning and feeding pets, giving them medicine, and assisting the vet during pet patient examinations. You’ll also have to accomplish clerical tasks, like keeping and updating patient information as well as doing inventory.

The great thing about this job is that it doesn’t require any special training. That said, expect to work under the close supervision of the vet you’re assisting.

At the end of Jobs for Animal Lovers list

While all these jobs will certainly pay off in terms of income, many animal lovers will agree that taking on a pet-related career isn’t only about the monetary gains. Instead, it’s about having the opportunity to make a living being with and around animals. That said, if you work hard enough, you’re sure to find financial stability and personal satisfaction by pursuing any of the careers mentioned above. Whichever path you pick, any one of these options will definitely revitalize and further fuel your passion for pets, too.

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