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are pugs aggressive?
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are pugs aggressive?

There is a common assumption that Pugs tend to attack strangers. For example, you take your Pugs to the swimming pool without knowing “Can Pugs go swimming?” If the answer is no, then the dog will possibly attack you due to the forceful action, doesn't mater it they have one of the badass Pitbull names or not.

It is mainly due to its outstanding appearance: a short-muzzled and winces face, which easily creates a ferocious impression to the other. Therefore, people often wonder, “Are Pugs aggressive?”. Is the rumor just rumor? Let’s discover the truth with us.

Are Pugs Aggressive? Why?

Actually, with those who spend time raising Pugs, this animal can make his owner fall in love with him due to their funny and sociable characteristics (Don’t be taken in by their appearance! ). However, he may respond to certain factors with aggression. Let’s explore these factors with us!

Factor 1: Deficient in proper training.

Puppies are like babies. If they are nurtured in a favorable environment, they will have a lovely personalities.

On the contrary, if they are suffering from inaccurate training or having improper education in their puppyhood, it will easily lead to the puppy’s aggression.

Factor 2: Provoking Action From Strangers

Let’s imagine! If you are facing provoking action from strangers, what will you respond to?

It may be a typical reaction that people tend to take aggressive responses to protect themselves from potential risks. Yes, your puppy is the same! Are Pugs aggressive? Will a Pug suddenly attack you? No, unless you provoke them!

Factor 3: Threats From The Environment

Threats from the environment are another factor that makes your Pugs aggressive, and they can come from the little things you find ordinary. However, it may be ordinary to you, but not with your little Pugs.

How To Prevent Pugs From Aggression?

You can prevent the problem by researching his origin before adopting a Pug. Moreover, it also reduces the chance of raising an innately aggressive breed of dog.

Pugs’ aggressive action towards people may result from their feelings of threats when they face something strange. Therefore, in educating them, it is important to make them sociable with the surrounding people. Let's create a habit to take them out for relaxation. It will make your beloved puppy be friendly with the surrounding environment and reduce the chance of aggression due to the strangeness.

Pitbull Training is also a powerful tool to help your puppy to form its personality positively. One important tip when raising a puppy is to encourage him by buying him his favorite food. Besides, don’t scold or shout at him!


Are Pugs aggressive? The answer is no, they are not innately aggressive. If you educate him correctly, he would be a friendly and funny partner!

Thank you for staying! We hope that you have found the answer through this article. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave the comment below or visit this link for more information!

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