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Grooming Your Pitbull at Home In 2022

Pitbull Grooming

Regular grooming and cleanliness are one way you can ensure that your pet remains healthy. Most dog parents already know just how important regular grooming, visits to the vet, exercise, and a good diet are.

Benefits of Grooming at Home

Grooming some breeds of dogs is easier. It is easy to groom Beagles, Boxers, or Great Danes at home. On the other hand, breeds such as the Poodle and the Shih Tzu are hard to groom. XL Pitbull breeds, and Pitbulls in general, are fairly easy to groom at home.

Pet owners prefer to groom their pets at home. This trend has further increased since the pandemic started. Research shows that while 67% of dog owners groom their pets regularly, only 37% use professional services.

Here are some of the reasons why pet owners prefer to groom at home:

  • It is cheaper. Professional grooming services can be quite costly. Each service is billed separately which can drive up the cost.
  • It is more convenient. Pet owners don’t have to worry about the hassle of booking an appointment and taking out the time. You can groom your dog any time you are free.
  • Grooming is a great bonding activity. You can get close to your dog and spend some quality time together.
  • While experts are trained professionals, you are an expert in your dog. No one knows your dog better than you do. This includes their likes and dislikes. You can deal with your dog in the best way.

Grooming your Pitbull at Home

Now that you know just how beneficial at-home grooming is. The idea intimidates many people at first. However, over time you can develop a grooming schedule to make things easier. Your dog knows what to expect.

Here are some tips you can follow to help you groom your Pitbull at home:

1.      Grooming Requirements

Pitbulls are easy when it comes to grooming. They have short fur that is easy to brush and keep clean. It also means that Pitbulls don’t smell bad frequently. They also don’t get many bugs in their coat.

Still, regular grooming is very necessary. In addition, Pitbulls can shed a lot. Even though their fur is not long, it is very thin. A thin fur sheds much more often than dogs with thick fur.

2.      Dental Hygiene

You need to pay attention to your Pitbull’s teeth. Many dogs, especially small dogs are at risk of developing dental problems.

Brushing your Pitbull’s teeth two times a week is good enough. Be sure to use a toothbrush developed for dogteeth. Only use a toothpaste made for dogs. This is very important because ordinary kinds of toothpaste made for humans are dangerous for dogs.

Apply light pressure and do circular motions to get in all the corners. Healthy teeth and mouth prevent many health issues like digestive problems.

3.      Brushing the Coat

You can brush your Pitbull’s coat every alternate day. Pitbulls do not have long fur so you do not need to worry about tangled hair. Even if you skip a few days, your Pitbull will not look messy.

Still, regular brushing is very beneficial. Brushing removes fur that has shed. Doing this keeps your dog’s fur neat. It also gives the coat a healthy shine.

Brushing is a form of massage for your dog. This is why dogs enjoy having their coats brushed so much. It improves blood circulation and releases muscle tension.

All you need for brushing is a gentle yet sturdy brush. Apply light pressure and move the brush in the direction of the fur slowly. Remember to cover the entire body of your Pitbull for the best results.

4.      Bathing

Getting your Pitbull to take a bath can be challenging. Pitbulls are famous for being stubborn. However, they can be extremely obedient as well.

The good thing is that Pitbulls don’t require bathing as frequently as some other breeds. Bathing your Pitbull once after two weeks will do the job.

The important thing is that your dog gets into a habit of taking a bath. They may not enjoy it, but they will get used to it.

Try to ease your Pitbull into taking a bath. This will be easier if you start with this habit when your dog is still young.

Try to get the water as your dog prefers. Don’t make it too hot or cold. Use a gentle soap or shampoo to lather the fur. This is especially important if your dog has skin issues. Use your hands to get into all the areas and clean every part of your Pitbull’s body perfectly.

5.      Trimming the Whiskers

Pitbulls usually grow out their whiskers faster than most other breeds. This is also true for their facial hair in general. Whiskers are easy to trim. You will know just by looking at your dog if it is time for a trim.

Other facial hairs are more difficult, but you can get a pair of small scissors to help you with that. Watch a few tutorials online and you can learn in no time.

6.      Clipping the nails

Long nails are unhygienic and dangerous for your dog and others. Keeping them clipped is important. Many people hesitate to clip their dog’s nails at home as they are afraid of hurting their dog.

Cutting nails is easy once you get the hang of it. Buy clippers designed for the dog’s paws. Try to clip little by little. At-home nail cutting is much better because your dog is most comfortable around you. It is better to learn to clip your dog’s nails yourself.

Conclusion – Advice on proper Grooming

No matter what breed you may own regular grooming is an important part of raising a dog. Grooming keeps your dog healthy and in good shape.

It is better to keep a schedule for each grooming activity. This way your dog will get into the habit of getting cleaned and groomed. Dogs are creatures of habit and having a schedule is helpful.

A final piece of advice is to start grooming your dog as soon as you can. Starting when they are young is very useful as it becomes a habit early on.


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