National Pet Day – 11th April

national pet day 2021
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Pets are known as mans’ most loyal companion. Today humans have successfully bonded with various animals, from rodents to something as big as a lion. National pet day is dedicated specifically to such animals who have shared an important part of our lives. Statically, up to 65% of households have pets’ possession.

However, pets should not be celebrated on just one particular day. Their contribution in mans’ life is much underrated. Pets have helped people with disabilities, rescued several lives, walk people through mental stress and much more. Every day should be celebrated as pet day. Pets should be appreciated just like your family.

When is National Pet Day 2021?

Worldwide pets are particularly celebrated on 11th April. Rodents, cats, dogs, lions and wildlife all our part of someone’s family. So if you haven’t get a chance to thank your pet, here is a day solely dedicated to your pet.

History of National Pet Day

In early 19th century, came this trend of having animals as pets. People were very interested in keeping animals at home, training them and bringing them close to their family. It was at this moment when various street animals were being ignored. Since people were more interested in having pure breeds at their home. Yet nobody was willing to extend a hand and pet street animals. Thus the population of stray cats, dogs, goats and even horses increased tremendously.

While noticing the current situation, animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige proposed that a day should be dedicated to pets as an appreciation of their selfless deeds towards humans. In 2006 National pet day was officially introduced on 11th of April and is celebrated every year since then.

Objective behind National Pet Day

Colleen Paige vision was solely to bring awareness among general population. She believed that time has come for people to realize importance of every living creature and pay them respect.

Breeding animals of pure breed and selling them as pets is a very selfish deed. It is not only increasing animal population at a tremendous rate but also animals of not so “pure breed” are ignored and ill-treated.

Hence it was necessary to dedicate one whole day as “national pet day”. A day when we could grow awareness about animal rights and promote stray animals’ adoption. In 2006 a motto became very popular “don’t shop! Adopt”. Clearly sending a message that it is important to adopt an animal and foster them, rather than spending money to buy exotic breeds.

5 Most Popular Pets Worldwide

Today list of pets does not only includes dogs and cats, but nowadays people are petting various exotic animals as well.

Still almost 50% of pet lovers prefer dogs and cats as their pets. While 40% of them show interest in birds and fish.

Latest statistics show that up to 10% of pet lovers have expressed their interest in having exotic animals like lions, tigers, bears and wolves as their pet. Surprisingly there is no law which can prevent such lavish interests.

Ways in which people celebrate National Pet Day

Just like your special day, you like to pamper yourself with a relaxing spa or treat yourself with favorite food. Similarly, pet owners try to make this day special for their pets.

Some people celebrate by giving their pets their favorite treat or food item. While others just prefer making a social media video expressing their love. Some just buy a special gift like a toy for their pet. Not to forget there are various grooming centers which are designed to treat pets on their special day, that is 11th April “the national pet day”.

Pet Awareness Day

11th April the National Pet Day is utilized by various agencies by arranging public gatherings and talk about welfare of animals. Their most important agenda is to promote education about street animals. These animals may not belong to a pure breed but they are living creatures and an important part of our society. Their wellbeing is our responsibility. Thus people are made aware of presence of such issue, they are encouraged to adopt and foster them and more importantly breeding exotic pets just for purpose of business is discouraged.

There are discussion where the issue of breeding is raised. Animals have capability to reproduce multiple offspring naturally multiple times in a year. It has already contributed to devastating increase in stray animals’ population. Yet breeding only exotic animals just to earn money should be prohibited by the law. Such breeding puts much more pressure on the growing animal population. Sadly it is also putting all the street animals at back foot. Where these “not so pure breeds” are seen as pests and brutally killed by authorities.

If people could join hands and start fostering stray animals, it would bring a drastic change in controlling animal population and bring a better living to them.

 How Can You Help on National Pet Day?

  • Foster a pet: you can visit your nearest pets’ welfare center and adopt a pet. You could help a pet by providing them with food, shelter and care.
  • Spend time at pet rescue centers: on this day you can visit pets rescue center with some treats for the animals and spend some quality time.
  • Pamper your pet: if you own a pet you can pamper them by taking them out at a beach, giving them their favorite treat or take them to a grooming center.
  • Spread awareness: you can use your social media to spread awareness regarding pets’ welfare and promote their adoption among your community.

National Pet Day FAQs

  • Why do we celebrate National Pet day?

To thank these selfless animals for being an important part of our lives and helping us in our everyday life.

  • How do you celebrate love your pet day?

Visit a pet at shelter, play with them, give them treats, bring them home and give them healthy lifestyle.

  • When is world animal day?

October 4th 2021

  • What is National Holistic Pet Day?

30th august- is the best chance to acknowledge your pets’ nutritional health as well as any chronic illnesses.


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