7 Reasons Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere
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Are you asking, why does my dog follow me everywhere? No matter where you are, what you are doing, whether you are cooking in the kitchen, cleaning your house, or soaking in the tub, he is always shadowing every step that you take.

You’re probably wondering “Why does my dog follow me everywhere”. Well, we will give you 7 reasons why this could happen. Read it and you’ll understand your dog better.

Yes, we are talking about that four-legged, loyal member of many families, known as a dog.If you own a dog, you might have noticed, that your pet follows you everywhere you go. But why is it so? You might have wondered this too. So keep reading further to get a deeper insight into it.

Dogs are considered to be one of the happiest creatures made by God on earth. They also have different ways of expressing their emotions or communicating to you and following your every step might be their one such way.​

Here are some reasons for your dog stalking you.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Reasons For Your Dog Following You Everywhere

1. Born To Live In Groups

You might be familiar with the fact that dogs are social animals. They are born to live in groups. Born from canines that survive in family groups, your dog naturally has a tendency to fit comfortably into your family. So he considers your family as his own.

He feels at ease when he is with his pack. When you are calm and present near your dog, he feels completely fearless. But in your absence, he might feel vulnerable as if he has no support. Your presence around your dog makes his brain to release “feel good” hormones. Therefore he follows you everywhere you go.

2. Separation Anxiety

If your dog never leaves your side, he might be having separation anxiety. Such dogs are over dependent to their respective owners. They become extremely restless or anxious and show behaviors of destruction, vocalization, inactivity or house-soiling when separated from their owners.

3. Curiosity

Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals. When you go away, you draw his attention towards you as he wants to know what you are doing. He behaves like an opportunist. Following you might give him an opportunity that he doesn’t want to miss. So he wants to know what you are doing and whether he can play his part in your activity.
For instance, you might be cooking some food which you can share with him. He doesn’t want to miss any chance to see and involve himself in whatever you do.

4. Security

As already stated, that your dog considers your family as his family. This means that he considers you as his parent. Everyone knows that a human child feels secure under the shadow of his parents. Similar is the case with the dogs. You are your “dog’s world.” He feels at home in your presence. So when you leave him, his security is disrupted. Therefore, he follows you everywhere.

5. Doing His Job

When you move around your home, your lovely pooch might think that you are patrolling the area and considers himself duty-bound to be a part of it. Dogs place value on some resources to live. High-value resources are those which are a priority for livelihood and include things like water, food, and territory. They feel that it is their duty to keep an eye on those resources and protect them from competition. Defending and patrolling your home is a job that your dog does instinctively.

6. A Dog Does Not Understand Privacy

The dogs understand communal living only whereas privacy is not at all a communal word. They feel resources are something that will benefit the entire group, rather than one individual alone.

Dogs are masters at cooperating with each other. Therefore, they hunt and explore as a group. They defend and share their territory as a group. So from your dog’s point of view, you not at all want to go anywhere alone. He will never understand himself that you want privacy.

7. Instinctively

The reason for your dog following you everywhere could be as simple as an instinct. This is because the first trick that a dog learns is to follow his littermates. Next time you watch a bunch of some weeks-old puppies; do notice that when one of them stumbles towards his mother for milk, the others start following him in line, knowing fully well that he is heading for something that they all want.
So your dog also knows from instinct that he should remain close to the key alphas in his life, that is, you as you are the one who provides him safety, food, and shelter. Therefore, he follows you.
You can also watch a video which tells you the reasons why your dog follows you everywhere

How To Stop Your Dog From Following You “So Much”?

If you realize that your dog follows you almost in every hour of the day and even in the bathroom, don’t be harsh towards him. This may distort your relationship with your life-long companion. If you want some space from your dog, a few tips may help your cause. These are as under

Exercise: Make sure that your dog exercises daily. He should get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This may include running, walking, playing with some toys, etc.

Commands: Make your dog learn some commands and work on it. Give him commands like sit, come, stand, stay, etc. This may lessen your stalking by your dog.

Tasty distractions: Tasty distractions include toys like Kong toy in which you can stuff some food. Provide your dog with such distractions. You can buy this toy from Amazon.com.

Allow your dog sleep next to you: You can avoid your dog’s stalking by giving him a comfortable bed of his own. Place his bed on the floor next to your bed. This might help in improving his separation anxiety.

why does my dog follow me and not my husband


These were some reasons for your dog following you. It’s not a matter of trouble if your dog follows you. Neither is it a reason for your visit to a vet. There is a scientific support that your pet loves you and feels secure and happiest when he is with you. So familiarize yourself with the above reasons, and if the steady stalking by your pet is out of control, then please follow the tips mentioned above instead of being rude to him.

There’s nothing to get irritated about his stalking. Don’t try to question the devotion of your dog, instead just enjoy it!​

I hope you’ll find the article quite helpful to you and in case you have any question regarding the discussed topic, please ask us in the comments section below.​

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