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Top Harness for Pitbull Reviews
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For those who are the proud owners of a Pitbull, you already know, despite other Pitbull facts, of the tremendous energy this dog breed has. If left untamed, they may become quite unruly as they seek to dissipate all that raw power. Otherwise, a well-trained Pitbull is one of the most loyal and lovable dog breeds.

It is, therefore, vital to find the right training equipment when looking to keep control of your powerful dog. Since your dog would always love to pull on a leash, you need the best harness for Pitbull when either walking him or during training.

Due to the numerous choices available, choosing a Pitbull harness becomes a daunting task. Some of these products are even inappropriate and may pose a health risk to your dog. To make it a little easier for you, we have prepared this buying guide to ensure you end up with the best.

Top Harness for Pitbull Reviews

1. Best no pull harness for Pitbull

Top Harness for Pitbull Reviews
Best Harness for Pitbull: 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Harness

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When looking for a harness, you need one that eliminates pulling from the dog. The 2 Hounds Freedom No-Pull Harness is a great option for eliminating neck strains as a result of too much pulling on the harness. Additionally, by restricting the dog’s movements, chances of him escaping are minimized.

A unique design specifically meant to reduce pulling features a loop that you set on the back of the dog, just between the shoulders. In this way, your best friend then has to walk in a straight line without any twists or strains on the harness. These features coupled with the padded straps make for a pain-free dog walk. This is best harness for Pitbulls to stop pulling

Since it is a walk from the back type of harness, the spinal cord of the dog is kept well aligned. This is great at keeping your dog at optimum health. With a soft swiss velvet lining, this harness goes behind the dog’s legs like a padded strap. This design prevents rubbing, which in turns makes it comfortable on the Pitbull.

We believe the versatility of this harness is another feature you will absolutely love. It can be used in two ways. You can either attach the double ended leash to the front of the harness or at the back. The former method is for discouraging pulling, while the latter is great for exercises. If you come to think of it, you need a harness with alternatives for handling your powerful best friend.

Things We Liked

  • It features a simple design that’s easy and quick to get on and off your dog. However, this does not mean the dog will be able to take it off.
  • The harness can be adjusted from four points. It makes it a safe, yet comfortable fitting dog training equipment.
  • A soft velvet lining on the harness prevents injuries as a result of rubbing on the dog’s skin. The webbings are also turned out to alleviate any irritations. Despite the softness, this harness stands up quite well to repeated daily use.
  • It is available in a number of sizes to fit various dog sizes. You can find one that fits a large, medium, and small sized bulls.
  • A double-ended leash is provided for increased versatility. Whether it’s exercising, or training, you only need a single harness.
  • Another great feature is that the manufacturer replaces this harness for you in case the dog bites and ends up damaging it.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It sometimes tends to be too soft. Even puppies tend to chew right through it. Despite it being replaced for you, we think this might not be great at all in regards to durability.
  • Some dog breeds still find a way of pulling on it despite the features put in place to prevent that.
  • There are users we talked to who still find adjusting the harness a challenge.

2. Heavy Duty Dog Harness for Pitbull: URPOWER Dog Leash Harness

Heavy Duty Dog Harness for Pitbull: URPOWER Dog Leash Harness

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The URPOWER Dog Leash Harness comes in handy when you need something to keep your Pitbull under control for a long while. This product features a heavy-duty construction with its thick layers made from red nylon and blue jeans. These are then stitched together with an orange nylon for an overall structural strength and longevity.

Isn’t it just great to have a harness fitted with heavy duty hardware? Let’s face it; your Pitbull has tones of energy that a flimsy harness might not handle. The clasp that secures the leash onto the harness is made from a wear or rust resistant metal. Two of these clasps are provided so that you are able to adjust the fit according to your Pitbull’s measurements.

There is a tendency of certain harnesses to rub onto the skin of dogs when in use. As a result of the friction generated, heat causes injuries to the dog with time. However, this fault is eliminated in this harness with the inclusion of softly textured buckles.

Hard edges are smoothened out so that warping in the armpit area is non-existent. Your Pit can then walk and tag along comfortably. Apart from the excellent safety and durability features, this harness looks stylish and simplistic too.

You always want to stand out together with your Bull during walks in the park or obedience training classes. A vibrant stitching of orange and blue on either side gives the harness a stylish classic look. Keep it clean to maintain the amazing aesthetics.

Things We Liked

  • The various sizes available is great when looking for a wide range harness and leash combinations. Within each of the sizes from small to large, there is also room to adjust either leash or harness or both. For an easier identification of the right size, take measurements of your pet’s girth and neck.
  • A stylish yet simplistic look is a plus for us. In as much as we recognize that harnesses shouldn’t be all about looks, finding one that meets your style and looks great on your furry friend is a plus.
  • A sturdy, strong, and durable harness is just what a Pitbull needs. This harness is made from heavy-duty hardware meant to withstand pulling and chewing from a stubborn pet. The double layered material, nylon stitches and metallic clasps all last a long while
  • It is gentle on your dog. Specifically, it is designed to reduce chafing around the susceptible armpits area. Soft textured lining and smooth edges reduce the risk of injuries due to friction

Things We Don’t Like

  • The harness feels cumbersome when held or put onto the dog. You might feel it weighing down on your dog during exercises. It is also quite a handful when fitting and adjusting on the dog’s neck.
  • Quality-wise, it looks poor. Dogs chew into the straps with ease, the fasteners fall apart with minimal pulls. If your dog likes to chew on stuff, this harness may be a bad idea. 

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3. No Pull Harness for Pitbull: RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness

No Pull Harness for Pitbull: RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness

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One of the reasons for looking for a harness for Pitbull is their tendency to pull on a leash and wriggle their way out. Sometimes they end up chocking and straining their necks too much in the process. However, with the RABBITGOO No-Pull Harness, the pressure generated from a pull is evenly distributed into the rest of the body. The chocking risk is minimized in the process.

Depending on your leash attachment preference (to some extent, your Pitbull’s too), you are provided with two points for that. These metallic leash attachment points are located on the back section and the other one at the chest. Consequently, you are able to change walking techniques from a walk behind to the side or the front.

Another reason we have high regards for this harness is the ability to adjust the fit in accordance to your pet’s size. Adjustable slide straps on the harness ensure a customized snug fit on your canine friend. This feature is particularly useful when you need one that your dog can grow into as you two make great memories together.

Made from breathable material, this harness provides your Bull with a comfortable control mechanism. Heavy padding on the material further makes the dog feel like wearing a soft sponge around the neck, armpit, belly, and shoulder. This padding is only on the inner parts in contact with the body. The outer part is made from tough material for adequate strength.

On this black harness for Pitbull are reflective straps for safety while taking walks. It makes him visible from a long way out eliminating the risks of getting hit by motorists, more so when it’s dark. We also love the ease with which this harness can be put on and off of the dog. There is no fumbling with buckles or flimsy straps for a hassle-free process. 

Things We Liked

  • First of all, we love how low cost this harness is. Costing under $20, it provides you a great value for such an essential piece of investment. If you consider the range of features it comes with, this harness is definitely a great choice for your Pitbull.
  • The chest and the back pieces have a decent padding on them to minimize heat generation as a result of frictional forces. You don’t have to worry about chaffing as you train your dog.
  • A reflective webbing adds to the overall visibility of both the dog and the harness itself. Passersby wouldn’t accidentally bump into you in the process of your walks in dimly lit conditions.
  • Available in a range of sizes for all Pitbull aged from young puppies to full grown Pitties. 
  • Leash attachment provides you with a comfortable way of handling the Bull if you use the one at the back. But if you want more control, then the one in front offers an excellent choice. 

Things We Don’t Like

  • It’s a design that requires care, or else the Pit might chock if he’s a heavy puller
  • Materials of construction are not as heavy duty as those used to make some of the harnesses in this review.

4. Spiked Harness for Pitbulls: Didog Soft Leather Harness

Spiked Harness for Pitbulls: Didog Soft Leather Harness

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Although not so common, spiked harnesses are becoming a hit with most Pitbull owners. Apart from making your friend look totally awesome, they offer great functionalities too. The Didog Soft Leather Harness with badass Pitbull name is one of such that we find appealing. We would, therefore, like to recommend it to you if you fancy owning one of these bad boys.

This particular model is made for medium, large, and extra large sized dogs, particularly Pitbulls. However, other breeds such as Bulldog, Golden Retriever, K9, and a Labrador can still comfortably slot into one. While at it, you can use the harness for different activities such as dog walking, hiking, sports, dog training among others you may feel like.

This product comes in a complete set of the harness itself, a collar chain, and a chain leash. You are in turn provided with a great value for the price you spend on any set of this product. Your whole range of dog control equipment would be catered for in effect. If you own more than one dog (which most of us do), then you should be well set.

The leash provided measures 28 inches in length, the chain has a 5 mm diameter and is 20 inches long. When setting out, you have the choice of attaching this leash at two points, back or front for either comfort or control. A soft leather construction offers a durable and solid control mechanism for an energetic dog breed such as a Pitbull.

Things We Liked

  • Comes in a set containing a collar, harness and leash. It becomes much cheaper and cost-effective in this way than buying each of these separately. Those with different dog breeds would find this feature more appealing.
  • Can be used by different dog breeds. It is not only meant for a Pitbull. Golden retrievers, K9, or a Labrador (any other large sized breed) can seamlessly fit into the harness. Provided you choose the right size.
  • Soft leather construction is a great choice for heavy chewers and pullers. The durability comes in handy when you use the harness on a daily basis. Weighing only 2.56 pounds, it doesn’t weigh down your dog at all.
  • The spikes on the harness are a great safety mechanism. Besides discouraging unnecessary chewing on the leather, the spikes provide a defensive layer in case a stray dog decides to attack your dog.
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes. there is black one, a pink, and a purple option too.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The spiked rivets on the harness sometimes rust when exposed to water.
  • The quality is at times poor, with the sizing being off. A particular size may be too large or small for your dog.

5. Leather Dog Harness for Pitbull: CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Harness

Leather Dog Harness for Pitbull: CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Harness

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A puppy Pitbull is still energetic enough to warrant a strong enough harness when taking her for a walk. Made of genuine pure leather, the CollarDirect Rolled Leather Harness is an excellent choice for a small-sized dog. It could be a puppy or the small sized breeds, with a chest girth measuring about 15 to 25 inches.

To determine the right size, we would advise you to measure the chest girth, just behind her front legs. If it matches the specified dimensions, then you are good to go. As part of the harness system is an extra rolled leather leash about 4 feet long. You can use this to guide small dogs, puppies, toys (kids love them) or miniature dog breeds.

The harness is available in a myriad of colors (about 13). There’s black, red, blue, orange, brown, lime green, yellow, pink, purple, mint green, navy, white, and beige. Whichever color matches your dog’s fur should be probably available. Another feature we love about this product is the rolled leather used. This design prevents the harness from tangling with fur causing damage.

We know how you love stuff that is easy to use. This product is one of those. The few attachment places and rings are quite easy to work out. Putting it on or taking it off can be a one-handed operation. The specially treated leather feels smooth, looks great, and is soft on the fur (skin). Dogs with a long-haired coat, as well those with short coats can use it too. 

Things We Liked

  • We loved the simplicity of this harness. As a step-in leash, sliding it into position is a breeze requiring no additional skills.
  • There are numerous colors from which you can choose from. For every color you decide on, there is a matching lead for it. This leash is long enough for a walk-behind harness during exercises.

Things We Don’t Like

  • It is only meant for small sized dog breeds. You can only use it on puppies, miniature dogs or toy dogs.
  • The loop at the back of the harness stretches at times, making the dog slip off the harness. You may figure out a way around it but it takes times.

6. Weight Pulling Harness for Pitbulls: Canine Equipment Harness

Weight Pulling Harness for Pitbulls: Canine Equipment Harness

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The Canine Equipment Harness is a great option for Pitbulls that like to pull on harnesses. It has straps means to evenly distribute the pulling weight across the chest and shoulders. The pressure dissipated might cause strains on both the neck and back.

Fleece lining adds traction to the harness to minimize shifting during walks and exercises. Its lining is also heavily padded with additional fleece on the shoulders and neck areas. The likelihood of injuries or fur mats/tangles is minimized.

Additionally, the fits can be adjusted using anti-slip sliders for a custom fit. There are also different sizes for all dog sizes (small, medium, large, and X-large). An extra safety shackle quickly snaps out of place when you need to release the harness at an instance.

Leash attachment points on this harness are made from Stainless steel D-shaped rings. Three of these are provided for convenience. Attachment integrity is reinforced by rock lockster buckles. Any accidental adjustment is prevented using this system.

Things We Liked

  • The anti-slip sliders prevent slip-ups when in use. We love a secure system that does not break loose unnecessarily. This is one of the features that make it stand out.
  • Heavy-duty metallic stainless-steel attachment offers longevity of service even in repeated usages.
  • A reflective piping fitted on the harness improves nighttime visibility.
  • Overall material quality is great too. Various users have had it for long periods yet it still works great.

Things We Don’t Like

  • We don’t like the sizing of the harness. Even after taking the correct measurements, the fit can still be off.
  • Some of the clasps on the back of the harness look cheaply made. They have a plastic feel to it.


The best harness for Pitbull is a great investment when you need to keep him under control. All the harnesses in this review were made with Pitbulls in mind but can still be used for a variety of other dogs.

It is by investing in the best gear that you can eliminate the negative stereotypes surrounding this breed. We hope any of these harnesses will give you maximum control, will be chock-free and also become durable. 

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