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300+ Unique & Badass Pitbull Names for Girl & Boy Pups

badass pitbull names

What are some badass Pitbull names

Now that you own a Pitbull, you must be looking forward to giving him or her the perfect name that would go with their personality. The task is daunting but don’t you fret, for we have it covered for you. All that is required of you is to select from the list of names and see which one fits perfectly with your Pitbull pups or adult dogs. You need THE Badass Pitbull name. But before you go and browse further, here are few cute Pitbull names that just go with every kind of Pitbull and if we had one, we would definitely select from these 5 names:

  • Darla,
  • Basil,
  • Sky,
  • Scarlet, and
  • Marble.

If these are not the ones you were looking for, then read on more and select your favorite below.

Badass Male Pitbull Names

When it comes to boy Pitbull names we often want names that are strong yet adorable, real Badass one. If your Pitbull pup has a naughty personality and he is more like a Casanova Archie who is always grabbing the ladies’ attention then you can name him after the famous Archie from Archie’s comics. Or if he is more a mama’s boy then a gentleman names like Charlie or Oscar are for him.

For more choices for boy Pitbull names, select from the list below. The list has got some unique Pitbull names for males, such as Enzo and Hobo if you’re one of those who don’t like common names.

Aspen Blaze Benjamin Casino Chaos
Carter Dexter Draco Einstein Eddie
Enzo Flicker Frankenstein Gizmo George
Hershey Hank Germany Hobo Henry
Igloo Jack Germany Kirby Karl
Leonardo Leo Levi Lobo Marco
Noa Ozzi Panama Robin Rambo
Raider Scooby Sammy Spooky Toby
Tequila Tycoon Levi Uzzi Victor
Van Gogh Tycoon Will Yukon Yoda

What’s a good name for a female Pitbull

Girl Pitbull names should be feminine and cute. While Lilly, Daisy and Bella are some of the common ones, the list also has unique Pitbull names for females to opt for.

You have a variety to choose from, from our list of best and unique female Pitbull names. Read on and choose that fits for your baby.

Don’t forget about proper food also and check what are some of the best dog food for Pitbulls.

Angel Abbie Brownie Beauty Betsy
Bella Dexter Daizy Brindy Eewee
Edith Ellie Eva Freya Florence
Gracy Katie Kiki Kandy Linda
Lancy Lizza Lucy May Maddy
Milky Molly Olivia Poppy Penny
Rosy Roxy Rachel Robin Queen
Sally Stella Tessa Tiara Violet
Venna Wanda Zinki Zara Zander

Real Badass Pitbull Names

Pitbull is the most misunderstood dog breed ever. But these gentle-souled babies are the best guard dogs. Choose a name that reflects your Pitbull pup’s strong personality and mannerism.

We have for you a properly compiled list of some badass Pitbull names which would truly be a synonym of your pit bull’s behavior. While these are badass names, you can go for these names for red nose Pitbull names too. Find out which one is for your Pitbull pup.

Angus Arnie Battle Beast Blaze
Boxer Brawler Burtus Bullet Bullseye
Captain Casanova Chomp Chopper Craggy
Devil Dozer Dynamo Harvey Giggle
Hercules Iron Gummy Honey Jagger
Jaguar Jinx Jaws Killer Marley
Mayhem Monster Pluto Prada Rocket
Rowdy Sassy Simba Smasher Sparta
Spike Tank Thor Thunder Tiger
Trixie Tron Walrus Xena Zeus

Creative Pitbull Names from Mythologies

Myths have a powerful impact on us and there are always some characters in the myths that make home in our hearts because of their valor and heroic acts. If you too are a fan of Greek mythologies or if you are searching for blue nose Pitbull names, then name your Pitbull on some of these famous mythology character names. Just imagine – you with your magnificent Pitbul on harness behind you.  . Believe you me, your dog will love it too!

Achilles Aeolus Aphrodite Aries Artemis
Athena Atlas Aura Aurora Bia
Chronos De Echo Eris Fortuna
Hades Harmonia Helen Hera Hercules
Hercules Iris Jupiter Janus Kakia
Lima Luna Limo Karpo Knox
Mercury Nemesis Neptune Nike Odin
Olympus Opus Pax Pegasus Phoebe
Pontus Poseidon Rhea Roma Saturn
Styx Thesis Thor Venus Victoria

Cute Pitbull Names for Your Pet Buddy

Pit bulls are like children, cute, naughty and always crave for attention, so why not give them the cutest names and let them know how much you love them for being the best. Choose from the variety of names we have chosen for your lovely pet and let us know how does your doggy feels about it.

Ace Baby Bambam Bella Bubble
Bumblebee Burrito Cheeky Cheeto Chomp
Coco Cutie Dozer Dinky Dragon
Fairy Fiona Flossy Flower Giggle
Google Gracy Gummy Honey Jazz
Lolly Phoenix Pickle Poppet Potato
Queen Rascal Rebel Rex Sabre
Softie Sparky Spirit Sugar Swash
Sweetie Trickle Tinker Twirl Trixie

How About Letting the Pitbull Decide his/her Own Name

Choosing the Pitbull pup name is tough, but why should you be worried, why not let your pitbull puppy decide the name for him/herself. The best way would be to take a jar and some small chits, let each family member or each of your friends decide one name from the names in the above mentioned lists and write them down on the paper.

Now let your puppy choose one of the chits from the jar. The one chosen by your Pitbull will be his/her name. Cool, isn’t it? Or better still, choose a name yourself but let your pet select a Pitbull dog nickname for him/herself.

Do let us know which name did you choose from our list of unique Pitbull names. Happy Name Searching

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