Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu: A Complete Guide

shih tzu pitbull mix
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What would you love the most, a companion by your side? Or a cute fluff ball, lazing around in your lap? I’m sure you cannot decide. What if you can have both? Well, if you’re as crazy as we are regarding dogs as pets then you must be well aware of the Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu. This will not be a giant Pitbull for sure but could be the cutest Shih Tzu PitBull mix.

Doesn’t sound very familiar? Well, don’t worry. Read the details below to find out about this amazing breed that could be a new addition to your already lovely pet family. Yes, we all know how different Pitbull and Shih Tzu are from each other when it comes to temperaments, attitudes, and behaviors, but believe me, Shih Tzu mix Pitbull is a possibility and one worth loving and appreciating.

Shih tzu and Pitbull mix

Origin of Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu

China’s favorite breed, Shih Tzu are here since the 17th century. Very famous among the royals, the silky fur dogs were well-loved and adored for their cuteness and fur texture. Their importance could be measured by the fact that it was not allowed to trade the Shih Tzu, they could only be adopted.

The history of Pitbull is rather bleak. As the poor breed was often used in Blood Sports like bear baiting and later in hunting, in the United Kingdom. They were domesticated later in the 19th century and 20th century when people realized the cruelty of blood sports and started to ban any harmful sports.

On a mild and the other a power pack, when bred together, ethically, they produce healthy cross-breed. Though both breeds are genetically sound but the Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu is healthier than the pure breed. It is because of the genetic problems that are common in pure breeds. Often do not get inherited by Mutts or crossbreeds.

Pitbull shih tzu mix

Unusual Facts About Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix

Though powerful and stringent in looks, Pitbulls are known as nanny dogs! They love children and are one of the most loyal breeds. They take care of the children like their own and therefore, it is always a good idea to get yourself one if you often worry about your child’s safety when you’re too busy with your work. Shih Tzu is a Chinese word and it means Lion. It’s Funny how this cute little munchkin is considered a lion but don’t worry it is not because of any temperament issues but because they are fluffy and have a lot of furs just like the big cat, the king of the jungle.

What does the Shih Tzu and pitbull mix Look Like?

How will Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu looks is totally dependent on the parents but some traits and body features of both are adopted. Despite the fact that Shih Tzu has a long fur coat, the cross often has short furs as the PitBull is not a fluffy breed but the quality is silky and smooth as that of the Shih Tzu.

Unfortunately, sometimes some deformities are also seen in the crossbreed. This Pitbull and Shih Tzu mix grows to 25 inches and weighs to as much as 30 pounds. They take black, brown, yellow, red, and brindle color. One cannot predict the body shape of the Shih Tzu Pitbull mix as it depends on the parents and the stronger genetics of the breeds. But it is usually observed that the mix takes up after the PitBull when it comes to the shape of the body.


Behavioral Analysis of the PitBull Mix with Shih Tzu

The puppies have the qualities of both the parent breeds – Pitbull and Shih Tzu. They are loving towards the children and are often seen as good playful mates for the children. This inherited quality of Pitbull is a common observation in Mutts. Shih Tzu, being the lap dog, loves exploration and fun activities. They are used to having a lot of attention and not getting it can make them very aggressive.

To avoid any mishap, it is always a sane option to ethically train your mix before introducing them to the children. The strong jaws can cause severe damage if they are not trained to deal with their aggression in a positive manner. They are good guard dogs but without proper training, they can become very agitated and difficult to handle. Therefore, take the responsibility of one, only when you are up for training and putting in time for your little companion.

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Socializing your Shih Tzu PitBull Mix

Socializing is very significant for both humans and their loyal companions, the dogs. Dog is a highly social animal, therefore, it is advisable to get them trained to interact from an early age. Not doing so will result in a pet who is always scared and aggressive. If you have adopted a puppy, it is easier to get them trained to be with humans but in case you adopt a grown up Pitbull mixed with Shih Tzu, it will need some Behavioral Training. Who can afford the aggression of a Mix, don’t forget, it is for the benefit of your pet and children!

Train your dog for Crate Usage

Do you often struggle with taking your Pitbull mix with Shih Tzu dog for their routine checkups? Do you find the house in mess on your return, when you’re out for work? Well, sorry but you need to crate train your mutt. Crate training creates a sense of privacy too and dogs learn to appreciate their own space too.


Pitbull mix

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Potty Training your Mutt

If your mutt is not trained, you will end up spending hours cleaning the room and carpets. A friendly suggestion, if you want a clean home, do not have carpets if your pet is not potty trained. Training your Shih Tzu Pitbull mix to use the tray or backyard to do its business, is always valuable. Otherwise, you will always be tired and your home, always be a mess.


Some Useful Guide and Tips to Keep your Shih Tzu Pitbull mix Happy and Healthy

Exercise is necessary for dogs but an aggressive exercise routine can be highly dangerous for the mix. A simple walk of 30 to 45 mins is enough to keep the dog active. The life span of the mutt is dependent on the treatment they get. Usually, PitBull lives up to 15 years whereas Shih Tzu has an average of 16 years of life. So a cross is likely to live up to 13 to 15 years; if they are on a healthy diet and have a healthy routine.

Pitbull dog mixed with Shih Tzu with square faces should not be made to swim. They can get drowned due to the structure of their body and the respiratory issues they have as a result of it. The health of your mate is dependent on your care and love. You can only expect it to live a happy and healthy life if you are up for a challenge to invest your time in its well-being. A pet is a companion for life, make sure they find happiness with you and are not maltreated

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